Gradle code ownership verification plugin

A gradle plugin that will verify ownership files are in place in projects and have required information.

Use it

plugins {
    id("se.premex.ownership") version "0.0.1"
Verify ownership files is in place:
./gradlew validateOwnership

Outputs from validation is available in build/reports/ownershipValidation/

validateOwnership will be run as part of check tasks
./gradlew check

Sample OWNERSHIP.toml file

# version is always required 
version = 1

user = "secretUser"
users = ["secretUser", "anotherUser"]
group = "secretGroup"
groups = [ "secretGroup", "anotherGroup" ]

Coming Soon!

Here are some ideas that we are thinking about. We are also not limited to these and would love to learn more about your
use cases.

  • Support for verifying codeownership files is in place
  • Better rules for validating content in ownership files
  • Support for having codeownership files anywhere in the code and not only in a projects root
  • Generate github & bitbucket codeownership files based on the toml files
  • Generate html reports of code ownerships and code health


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