GPX Video Generator

This tool takes GPX files and generates images showing a progress of the single tracks. The images can be combined into a video using 3rd party tools to generate results like this:



Run ./gradlew fatJar to generate a jar file including all required dependencies.


First define your video specs in a config file, then launch the gpx2video creator to generate the images that can then be converted into a video:

java -jar build/libs/gpx2video-0.1.jar  src/test/resources/test-small.yml

Notice: the sample config files invoke ffmpeg to generate a video.


  • Wadlbei├čer App: code partly re-used from this app
  • MapsForge used to generate maps. Some Android stub classes are required because the Android libs are used
  • kaml to parse config files
  • kxml2 for parsing GPX files


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