OpenAI Integration for Ghidra

Get Function Summaries from ChatGTP


  1. This plugin requires Kotlin language support in Ghidra, so make sure that you have it installed:

  2. Grab the latest release of this Plugin from the releases page and install it in Ghidra.


Initial Setup

Configure your API Key via Edit -> Tool Options -> OpenAI


GUI Integration

Right Click in the Decompiler, and select Get and apply Function Summary via OpenAI

Before: img.png

After: img.png


You can easily change the model used for the completions and its parameters via the Edit -> Tool Options -> OpenAI -> Model menu.


The decompiled text will be appended to the prompt and will be sent as a completion request to the OpenAI API.

Potential Future Work

No promises that I will ever implement them, but I’ll gladly provide advice if you want to try:

  • Dedicated Dialog that previews the function summary and allows retrying before applying
  • Allow a custom prompt to be specified for a specific program via the Options for $program menu
  • Request better variable or function names like does


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