Jetpack Compose Project – WIP

A Generation I Pokémon Pokédex Built with Android Jetpack Compose & Kotlin  


  • Search functionality
  • Generation IV Johto pokédex design
  • Dual upper/lower UI on a single screen
  • All 151 Gen 1 pokémon general stat information
  • Collects pokémon data & large sprites from PokéAPI
  • Collects pokémon mini-sprites from Pokémon Database    

            Application UI                        Inspiration Snapshot

app-ui          inspiration-snapshot

  • 100% working
  • added basic search capability
  • applied basic application icon
  • loads images asynchronously via coil
  • duplicate items in database are overwritten
  • creates internal list of pokemon [1-151] no problem
  • serializes pokemon data classes via kotlinx.serializer
  • viewmodel keeps data current through configuration changes
  • viewmodel is passed as argument to app ui for easy data retrieval
  • added lower nav bar for additional choices [details / search / quit]
  • sends get requests to [2] different apis for data and icons via retrofit
  • class converter created for handlinng list & map storage in room database
  • calls to database are made asynchronously in order to operate on the main thread
  • database class created using singleton method & initialized upon viewmodel startup
  • downloaded data is saved internally upon application destruction via room database


  • screen rotation is deactivated
  • reconstruction of ui-state interface is needed
  • internet permissions prompt not implemented
  • pokemon description language change after id-151
  • app must restart if internet access is lost during first build
  • only 2/4 of each item’s information is being displayed / used  
  • add additional pokemon to the list [1-500]
  • add “allow internet permissions” upon initial app startup
  • construct the ui details page to display information not being shown
  • apply screen orientation handling for various screen sizes & rotations
  • implement additional json serializers for description language changes  



  • Coil – An image loading library for Android backed by Kotlin Coroutines.
  • Retrofit – A type-safe HTTP client for Android and Java.
  • Kotlinx.serialization – Compiler plugin that generates visitor code for serializable classes.
  • Kotlin Serialization Converter – A Retrofit 2 Converter.Factory for Kotlin serialization.
  • Java Scalars Converter – A Converter which supports converting strings and both primitives and their boxed types to text/plain bodies.
  • Room Persistence Library – Provides the convenience of data caching for offline browsing.
  • System UI Controller – Adds utilities for updating the System UI bar colors within Jetpack Compose.


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