ARoom, a furniture e-commerce app that uses augmented reality features. With ARoom, users can simulate furniture products in their own room before making a purchase, thanks to the use of Google Sceneform and 3D models.


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• SceneForm: is an ARCore Android SDK with Google Filament as a 3D engine.

• Hilt: for dependency injection, ensuring clean and modular code.

• Coroutines: to handle Firebase requests in the background.

• MVVM & StateFlow: Separate logic code from views and save the state in case the screen configuration changes.

• Navigation component: One activity contains multiple fragments instead of creating multiple activities.

• Firebase Auth: Manging Accounts/ Loging in and registrations

• Firebase Firestore: Database for the System

• Firebase Storage: To store products, images, user profile pictures, and 3D models

• View binding: instead of inflating views manually, view binding will take care of that.

• Glide: Load images to an imageVIew.


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