AMCalendar – Android Date Picker

AMCalendar is a fully customisable widget for picking dates and ranges based on the native Calendar.

It’s an Android port of the Fastis iOS Calendar Framework by Simla.Tech build from scratch.


  • Flexible customization
  • Shortcuts for dates and ranges
  • Single date and date range modes


Add this to your root gradle:

allprojects {
    repositories {
        maven { url "https://www.jitpack.io" }

Add this to your module’s gradle dependencies:

dependencies {
    implementation 'com.github.appmonkey8010:amcalendar:[RELEASE]' //e.g.: 1.0.0


Quick Start

import at.appmonkey.amcalendar.base.AMCalendar

class MainActivity : AppCompatActivity() {

    AMCalendar.rangeSelect(this, object : RangeSelectionListener {
            override fun onRangeSelect(cal1: Calendar?, cal2: Calendar?) {
        }).shortcuts(TodayRangeShortcut(this), LastWeekRangeShortcut(this))


Single and range modes

If you want to get a single date, you have to use the SingleAMCalendar implementation:

AMCalendar.singleSelect(this, object : SingleSelectionListener {
    override fun onSingleSelect(cal: Calendar?) {
        if(cal != null) {
            Log.v("AMCalendar", cal.toString())

If you want to get a date range, you have to use the RangeAMCalendar implementation:

AMCalendar.rangeSelect(this, object : RangeSelectionListener {
    override fun onRangeSelect(cal1: Calendar?, cal2: Calendar?) {
        if(cal1 != null && cal2 != null) {
            Log.v("AMCalendar", cal1.toString())
            Log.v("AMCalendar", cal2.toString())
}).preselect(Calendar.getInstance(), Calendar.getInstance())


  • shortcuts– Shortcuts array. The default value is null. See Shortcuts section
  • preselect– An initial value which will be selected by default. The default value is null.


Using shortcuts allows you to select set dates or date ranges quickly. By default shortcuts is null. The bottom container will be hidden if you don’t provide any shortcuts.

In AMCalendar available some prepared shortcuts for each mode:

  • For SingleAMCalendar: TodaySingleShortcut, TomorrowSingleShortcut, YesterdaySingleShortcut
  • For RangeAMCalendar: TodayRangeShortcut, LastWeekRangeShortcut, LastMonthRangeShortcut

Also, you can create your own shortcut:

class CustomRangeShortcut : AMCalendarRangeShortcut() {

  init {
    cal1 = Calendar.getInstance()
    cal2 = null
    text = "Today"


    .shortcuts(CustomRangeShortcut(), LastWeekRangeShortcut(context))


AMCalendar’s appearance can be customized with resources. Following keys can be overridden:

<!-- colors.xml -->
<color name="colorAMCalendarBackground">#ffffff</color>
<color name="colorAMCalendarCancel">#3c72d1</color>
<color name="colorAMCalendarSelect">#3c72d1</color>
<color name="colorAMCalendarDisabled">#bebebe</color>
<color name="colorAMCalendarHeaderDisabled">#bebebe</color>
<color name="colorAMCalendarHeaderSelected">#000000</color>
<color name="colorAMCalendarHeaderClear">#4b4b4b</color>
<color name="colorAMCalendarWeekday">#000000</color>
<color name="colorAMCalendarWeekdayBackground">#f0f0f6</color>
<color name="colorAMCalendarMonth">#3c72d1</color>
<color name="colorAMCalendarDay">#000000</color>
<color name="colorAMCalendarDaySelected">#FFFFFF</color>
<color name="colorAMCalendarDaySelectedCircle">#3c72d1</color>
<color name="colorAMCalendarShortcutBackground">#f0f0f6</color>
<color name="colorAMCalendarShortcutElementBackground">#FFFFFF</color>
<color name="colorAMCalendarShortcutElementText">#000000</color>

By default the library provides a light and a dark theme.

<!-- strings.xml -->
<string name="amcalendar_select">Select</string>
<string name="amcalendar_please_select_date">Please select date</string>
<string name="amcalendar_please_select_date_range">Please select date range</string>
<string name="amcalendar_template_today">Today</string>
<string name="amcalendar_template_tomorrow">Tomorrow</string>
<string name="amcalendar_template_yesterday">Yesterday</string>
<string name="amcalendar_template_last_week">Last week</string>
<string name="amcalendar_template_last_month">Last month</string>
<string name="amcalendar_monday_short">MON</string>
<string name="amcalendar_tuesday_short">TUE</string>
<string name="amcalendar_wednesday_short">WED</string>
<string name="amcalendar_thursday_short">THU</string>
<string name="amcalendar_friday_short">FRI</string>
<string name="amcalendar_saturday_short">SAT</string>
<string name="amcalendar_sunday_short">SUN</string>

By default the library provides following languages:

  • English (default)
  • German

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AMCalendar is released under the MIT license. See LICENSE for details.


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