Compose Fluent

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Fluent Design UI library for Jetbrains Compose


Current Status

This library is experimental, any API (even the package name) would be changed in the future without any notification.

Current version: v0.0.1-dev1

Now supported:

  • Coarse implementation of some basic components: Button, Switcher, TextField, Slider
  • A fake Mica and Layer
  • Only dark theme

There are lots of hard-code and workaround in our source code, we are going to eliminate them in the future

Thank you for using our library, and we look forward to your feedback and contributions!


Currently, only Desktop platforms are supported. It might be easy to migrate to multiplatform.

How to Use

We are not yet published our library to maven. You can download the source code or jar in release page

  • FluentTheme() is the context and entry point of the application.
  • Components are under component package
  • Mica and Layer are under background package

About the API usage, just see Main.kt


This library is under Apache-2.0 license.

The copyright to the icon assets (in /resources/icon/) belongs to Microsoft.


  • M1
    • Basic Inputs
      • Button
      • Toggle Switch
      • Checkbox
      • Radio Button
      • Slider
      • Dropdown
      • Pill Button
    • Layers
      • Fake Mica
      • Simple Layer
    • Text Field
    • Part of Animation
  • M2
    • Theme (Light and Dark, custom Accent color)
    • Animation
    • Refactor architecture, cleanup code, eliminate hard-code
    • More
  • M3
    • Compound components (Side Nav, Top Nav, Tab View, etc…)
    • Layer (Might be delayed)
      • Real Mica
      • Acrylic
    • Accessibility Semantics


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