Fix for HotSpot deep stack problem

Java HotSpot C2 compiler has a problem with deeply recursive functions.
For a discussion of the problem see

This discussion mention a workaround using -XX:TieredStopAtLevel=1 option to use only C1 compiler.
However, this option significantly slows down computational code, because C1 compiler is much
worse at optimizing code than C2 compiler.

This project introduces a workaround that works with HotSpot C2 compiler.

Step 1. Compiled classes need to be preprocessed with this HotFix tool.

java -jar HotFix-1.0.jar <classes-directory> <main-class-name> [-q]

The -q option is to make it quiet, without writing anything to the console.

Step 2. Run the resulting code with -XX:-UseInterpreter option.

java -XX:-UseInterpreter -cp <classes-directory> <main-class-name>


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