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This app demonstrates the following views and techniques:

  • Retrofit – to make api calls to an HTTP web service
  • Moshi – which handles the deserialization of the returned JSON to Kotlin data objects
  • OkHttp – to logging
  • Glide – to load and cache images by URL.
  • Recycler View – with Diffutils for correct display of elements when they are changed
  • Data Binding in XML files
  • Binding Adapters
  • MVP architectural pattern
  • Single activity pattern

It leverages the following components from the Jetpack library:

  • Navigation – with the SafeArgs plugin for parameter passing between fragments
  • ViewModel – to save the state when the fragment is recreated and when the fragment is overlapped

What can be improved

  • Add Dependency Injection
  • Add JUnit testing
  • Add Kotlin coroutins
  • Add sealed class state(Loading, Success, Failure) and observe its states
  • Add swape refresh layout


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