File search util for command line, used similarly to online search engines



  • Search query structure: include words and -exclude -these -ones
  • Included words are highlighted in results
  • Including words in sequence by default, and optionally in any order
  • Results are numbered. Pass numbers of results to open them
  • Can open containing folders of results
  • Hidden files and build folders are excluded by default
  • Can show equivalent find command
  • Less visually important text is grayed out



    Searches files containing given path parts, in ~ by default.
    Excludes results containing any of path parts with leading dashes.
    Shows results in a numbered list of full paths.
    Can open results by given numbers. Mind that results may change.
    * Asterisks around path parts are optional, are used automatically.
    Directories to search in, excluded parts and result numbers are optional.
    Default directory can be set in FF_DEFAULT_DIR environment variable.
    Use keys separately, like -p -i -n (-pin is excluded as a path part).
    ff <include>
    ff <dir> <dir> <include> <include> -<exclude> -<exclude> - <result_number>
Sort keys (one at a time):
    -n (-N): sort by  name           a to Z        (Z to a)
    -s (-S): sort by  size           small to big  (big to small)
    -m (-M): sort by  modified time  new to old    (old to new, default)
Filter keys:
    -a: include all hidden files, hidden and build directories
    -r: include reordered path parts to search, not only in given order
Open keys:
    -f: file manager to be used to open directory containing result file
Info keys:
    -i: info  about modified times and sizes for results, -I: raw paths
    -p: print underlying find command
    -h: help  information


From release

See release notes

Build & install

Linux, option 1: install to /bin

git clone
cd FindFile/
./gradlew build
sudo cp build/bin/native/releaseExecutable/FindFile.kexe /bin/ff

Linux, option 2: use alias

git clone
cd FindFile/
./gradlew build
echo "alias ff='$PWD/build/bin/native/releaseExecutable/FindFile.kexe'" >> ~/.bashrc

Restart terminals for ff to take effect.




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