File Manager on Android

File manager on Android written in Kotlin available on the PlayStore.

Commit rules

In order to have a clean commit list and to easily find feature of a commit (goal, fix bug...), the commit message should respect some rules.

Commit messages are important. They are the only way to give context to the changes that are made in a commit. We tend to neglect our commit messages. In a collective attempt at having better commit messages, this project checks some minimal requirement that all of our commit messages should follow.

  • Mandatory rules check by the ci: [Player] Improve the player X control where the [ and ] surround the feature.
  • Optional rules emoji: [Player] :fire: Fix the player X control where emoji could be the one you want or one of this one:
    • :fire: :fire: Fix a bug.
    • :wrench: :wrench: Feature dev that is not ui.
    • :art: :art: UI commit, readme, all that is visible.
    • :recycle: :recycle: Clean, reformat, refactor, ortho, typo...
    • :seedling: :seedling: New feature, first commit.
    • :skeleton: :skeleton: Architecture/skeleton of a feature.
  • Optional: Write the Why, the Reason of your commit in the message description.

Do our future selves a favour and start writing better commit messages now :)

Some developer gradle tools

  • gradlew dependencyUpdates -Drevision=release -DoutputFormatter=json : Check dependencies


  • Mercandalli Jonathan