? Exploding Composable

A Jetpack Compose utility library to add explosive dust effect animation to any composable

? Installation

  1. Add this to build.gradle of project gradle dependency

allprojects {
	repositories {
 		maven { url 'https://jitpack.io' }
  1. In build.gradle of app module, include this dependency
implementation "com.github.omkar-tenkale:ExplodingComposable:1.0.1"

Find latest version and changelogs in the releases.

❓ Usage

Wrap the content to explode in Explodable and trigger the explosion with explosionController.explode()

val explosionController = rememberExplosionController()

Explodable(controller = explosionController) {
    //Content to explode
    Box(modifier = Modifier
        .clickable { explosionController.explode() })

? Customization

ExplodingComposable offers a variety of customizations

val explosionController = rememberExplosionController()

    //Standard compose modifier
    modifier = Modifier,

    // Control the explosion state with an instance of ExplosionController
    // You can access it using rememberExplosionController() method
    // Provides methods controller.explode() and controller.reset()
    controller = explosionController,

    // Control the animation with these params
    animationSpec = ExplosionAnimationSpec(
        // The higher the number, the bigger the explosion
        explosionPower = 2f,
        // Duration for the particle explosion
        explosionDurationMs = 750,
        // Duration for the shake effect before explosion
        shakeDurationMs = 250

    // Callback to fire when explosion is finished
    onExplode = {

    // To control the explosion manually, use this param [0f-1f]
    currentProgress = progress,

    // The composable to explode
    content = {

? Demo

Download the sample app or explore the sample project

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? License

Licensed under Apache license 2.0

This work is derived from ExplosionField


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