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Experience Minecraft in a different way. Tesseract is a server software for Minecraft: Bedrock Edition.
But it uses a different concept then most servers out there, some are for example:

  • uses an Entity-Component-System in combination with Dependency Injection
    which gives the software the advantage to be fully modular and therefore easy customizable with no
    monolithic classes
  • Hijack Generator: It clear that this software won’t be able to fully replicate a vanilla minecraft server
    but there is a Terrain Generator which “hijacks” the vanilla one by connecting to an internal vanilla server
    and capturing its chunks
  • completely written in Kotlin, Kotlin is a modern programming language, which is JVM compatible and has
    a lot of benefits compared to Java, some are for example: Null-safety, type-interference, coroutines,
    higher-order functions, etc. Which all are powerful tools to write more complex software with lesser code (and failures to make)
  • Multi-threaded, but cycles(ticks) are not run asynchronously. This means cycles help to synchronize everything again, but chunks
    entities, etc. can be processed asynchronously, but have to wait for all to finish for the same tick. But overall
    it can easily occupy 32 or more cores.

How to build

  1. git clone https://github.com/valaphee/tesseract
  2. cd tesseract
  3. ./gradlew build