Eutamin-C Sample Project
This is an android application using Euphony library
“here-is-my-card” makes it easy to share business cards with others.
With this application, you don’t have to carry around your business card anymore!


  • Create your own business card using various and beautiful templates
  • Send your business card to others
  • Receive bussiness cards of someone you meet and save
  • All sending and receiving processes are carried out using Euphony library

How to use

  1. Select a business card template that you want.

  1. Enter your information on your business card and press the plane button. Then the speaker turns on and the listener turns off.

  1. The listener works except when the speaker turns on. Press the lower right button and check business cards sent. That’s it!

How to build

on Windows

gradlew build

> gradlew build

on Linux or MacOS

$ ./gradlew build

Application Version

  • minSdkVersion : 24
  • targetSdkVersion : 30


  • Record audio


Changes and improvements are more than welcome! Feel Free to fork and open a pull request. Please make your changes in a specific branch and request to pull into master.