Entity Framework Core UI plugin for JetBrains Rider


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This plugin introduces Entity Framework Core commands’ UI inside JetBrains Rider.


There are a couple of UI stuff for:

  • Creating migrations
  • Updating database with selected migration (including migration names autocompletion)
  • Removing last created migration
  • Suggesting installing dotnet ef command line tools if not installed (when opening solution that contains EF Core related projects)
  • Persisting selected migrations and startup projects between dialogs

How to install

Using marketplace:

For EAP users: you should add https://plugins.jetbrains.com/plugins/eap/list to your plugin repositories list before installing

  1. Go to Settings / Plugins / Marketplace
  2. Search for “Entity Framework Core UI”
  3. Click Install, then Save
  4. After saving restart Rider

Using .zip file

  1. Go to Releases
  2. Download the latest release of plugin for your edition of JetBrains Rider (Stable or EAP)
  3. Proceed to Settings / Plugins / / Install plugin from disk
  4. Click Save
  5. After saving restart Rider

How to use

  1. Open solution that contains EF Core related projects (migrations and startup projects)

  2. Navigate to Tools/Entity Framework Core under project context menu:


    You could use context menu of either your migrations or startup project.

  3. Clicking action will show appropriate dialog:


  4. After you press Ok, selected action will be executed in background:



More about features and available dialogs you could read in the blog post.


  • JetBrains Rider 2021.2.*

    or JetBrains Rider 2021.3 EAP10

  • EF Core 5.0+ with projects under net5.0 or net6.0 target framework

  • EF Core global tools (dotnet ef) 5.0+ installed


Note: You should have JDK 11 and .NET SDK 5.0+ installed and configured.


./gradlew rdgen – generates RD protocol data for plugin internal communication

Building plugin parts

  • for stable version of Rider:

    ./gradlew buildPlugin

  • for EAP version of Rider:

    ./gradlew buildPlugin -PRiderSdkVersion=2021.3.0-eap10 -PProductVersion=2021.3-EAP10-SNAPSHOT

It will build both frontend and backend parts.


Next command will start instance of JetBrains Rider with plugin attached to it:

./gradlew runIde


Contributions are welcome! ?

It’s better to create an issue with description of your bug/feature before creating pull requests.

About branching

This project uses modified version of trunk-based git strategy.

  • develop branch play main development branch role. When creating any feature or bugfix, please make your branch from develop.

  • master branch stands for stable releases. develop branch will be merged into it before every release.

  • eap branch stands for EAP release. develop branch will be also merged into it before every release (if EAP build of Rider is available to use)

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