Android Upload Service

Easily upload files (FTP / Multipart / Binary) in the background with progress indication notification.

Last version 3.5.0 with support for AndroidX and Android 9.0 Pie.




  • tiny library
  • upload files to a server with FTP, HTTP multipart/form-data or binary requests
  • be able to easily implement other upload protocols as plugins
  • handle multiple concurrent uploads in the background, even if the device is idle (Doze mode)
  • automatically retry failed uploads, with a configurable exponential backoff
  • possibility to automatically delete uploaded files when the upload is successful
  • show status in the Android Notification Center (with support for stacking notifications).
  • be able to change the underlying HTTP stack. Currently HttpURLConnection (the default) and OkHttp are supported. You can also implement your own.
  • be able to set library log level and to provide custom logger implementation
  • easily customize the notification with text, icons and actions for the different states

At the core of the library there is a Service which handles multiple concurrent upload tasks in the background. It publishes broadcast intents to notify status. This way the logic is completely decoupled from the UI. Read further to learn how you can use it in your App.

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