Compose Gap

Easily adding gaps inside such as Columns and Rows for Jetpack Compose.

Inspired by Flutter’s Gap.


When it comes to add empty space between widgets inside a Column or a Row, we have multiple options:

We can either add a Padding around these widgets but it’s very verbose
Or we can add Spacer widgets between them.
Gap is another option. It’s like Spacer but you don’t have to know if it’s inside a Row or a Column. So that it’s less verbose than using a Spacer.


Gradle settings

// Groovy DSL
implementation 'jp.wasabeef:gap:1.0.0'

// Kotlin DSL

Then you just have to add a Gap inside a Column or a Row with the specified extent.

  Column {
    Text(text = "Hello")
    Gap(height = 20.dp) // Adds an empty space of 20 dps.
    Text(text = "World")

  Row {
    Text(text = "Hello")
    Gap(width = 20.dp) // Adds an empty space of 20 dps.
    Text(text = "World")


Feel free to open a issue or submit a pull request for any bugs/improvements.


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