Like Discord, but you can paste and run code in the chat


This is a Discord clone that allows sending code segments in the chat, as well as executing them with the language of your choice.


The project has the following components:

  • A MySQL database server, running on port 3435 (in Docker) or 3306 (locally).
  • A Spring Boot backend server written in Kotlin.
  • A NodeJS server that uses WebSockets to notify users.
  • An Angular application deployed on Nginx that serves as the main web frontend.
  • A QT desktop application written in C++ that is used for administration.

The project runs on 3 servers and uses a MySQL database, as well as a desktop C++ application for administration. The main frontend application is written in Angular and served by an Nginx server deployed in Docker.



The project can be deployed to Docker by following the steps here.


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