Methodic Super Project

Get started developing faster!

This superproject helps you get started building on the Methodic platform by providing a single repository that pulls together all necessary projects so that you can develop and refactor with confidence.

Getting started

  • Ensure your ssh-keys are generated. Add them to Github.

  • Clone the superproject and all of its submodules:

      git clone ssh://[email protected]/methodic-labs/methodic.git --recurse-submodules
  • Install gradle (brew install gradle)

  • Install and start Postgresql (brew install postgres and brew services start postgres)

IntelliJ environment setup

We’ve found that using the built-in Import project at the root level works better than trying to use the gradle project generator. You should also enable annotation processing in the IntelliJ settings.

Running locally

  • Ensure that:
    • You’ve completed the “Getting started” section above
    • Xcode is installed and you’ve agreed to the license
    • JAVA_HOME is configured properly and JDK 11 is installed

From the methodic superproject directory:

Tools provided

  • ./gradlew – The superproject’s build.gradle sets the ‘developmentMode’ variable, allowing you to build your projects using projectDependencies

Adding a new project

We manage subprojects using git submodules. See for some representative workflows.

If a new subproject needs to be added:

  • edit settings.gradle to add it as a gradle subproject
  • create a new branch using git checkout -b feature/add-<subproject>
  • run git submodule add ssh://[email protected]/methodic-labs/<subproject>
  • commit, push, and submit a pull request. git commit -a -m "Added subproject" && git push --set-upstream origin feature/add-<subproject>


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