About App

Daily Planner is an Android planner/note application that supports complex and customizable messages with Markdown support (+ basic HTML and syntax highlighting). Application supports both simple and dated notes + regularity (daily, weekly, etc.) and notifications


Simple and Dated Notes

simple notes   dated

Notes’ preview with the support of Markdown + Syntax Highlighting

simple syntax   hightlight syntax

Notes’ editing

edit with HTML   edit with Markdown

Receive notifications with Dated Notes



  • Kotlin 1.9
  • Coroutines + Flow
  • Dagger Hilt + Assisted Inject
  • Room + Coroutines and Flow extensions
  • KotlinX.Serialization
  • KotlinX.DateTime
  • Calendar + Date + LocalDateTime
  • Easy Permissions
  • Carbon
  • Material 3
  • AlarmManager + BroadcastReceiver
  • AndroidX.ViewModel + SavedStateHandle
  • AndroidX.ViewPager
  • AndroidX.Fragment
  • AndroidX.ConstraintLayout
  • AndroidX.RecyclerView + AsyncListDiffer

Current Status:

Alpha V

Implemented features:

  1. Simple and Dated notes
  2. Complex formats preview support (Markdown + Syntax Highlighting)
  3. Notes editing + markdown editor
  4. Notes regularity (daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, none)
  5. Notes cancellation and status change (is done or not)
  6. Notifications and dated notes’ status updates after them


  1. Check for updates
  2. Image support
  3. Notifications’ grouping (folders)

System Requirements

Android 5.0 or higher


GNU Public License V 3.0


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