Android Auto – XLauncher Unlocked

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Custom Android Auto launcher, unleash your AA, unlock more features!


  1. Install Magisk
  2. Magisk => Settings => Magisk => Check Zygisk
  3. Install LSPosed (Zygisk) + Shamiko
  4. Install the Android-Auto-XLauncher-Unlocked app
  5. LSPosed => Modules => Check Enable module + Check Android Auto
  6. Reboot


Name Description Root required Xposed required
Default Set the next used launch option as default
Classic Launch the Android Auto settings, with the classic/stable style
Material3 Launch the Android Auto settings, with the hidden/experimental Material3 style ✔️
Debug Launch various hidden Android Auto debug screens ✔️
Xposed Module Unlock more 3th party Android Auto apps! (e.g. Fermata, OsmAnd, S2A, …) ✔️ ✔️

Android Auto - XLauncher Unlocked

Honorable mentions

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Software Description Root required
aa4mg Android Auto for MicroG! ✔️
AA-AIO-Tweaker More AA modding through phenotype.db patching! ✔️
King Installer Install any single .apks for AA “as Google Play” to work around restrictions! Optional
AA-Store Install popular 3th party AA apps
AAAD Install popular 3th party AA apps
AAEase Install a few popular 3th party AA apps Optional


Credits for the hooks from Fermata by @AndreyPavlenko!


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