The ComposeFadingEdges is a powerful Android Compose library that seamlessly incorporates customisable fading edges with horizontal or vertical orientations, static or scrollable content, clip or color draw.


  • Multiple Modifiers: Add fading edges with custom orientation, gravity, length, content and fill type.
  • Different Contents: Support for static, scrollable, and lazy list content types.
  • Scrolling Settings: Configure fading edges scroll behavior with dynamic, full, or static settings.
  • Adjustable Fade: Choose between fade clip or fade color fill types for fading edges.
  • Text Marquee: Easily add fading edges to text marquee with automatic layout alignment.
  • Sample App: Explore and experiment with sample app.

Sample App

Sample 1 Sample 2 Sample 3

Download or clone this repository to discover the sample app.


Add to the root build.gradle.kts:

allprojects {
    repositories {

Add to the package build.gradle.kts:

dependencies {

Latest version: .

Also, it’s possible to download the latest artifact from the releases page.


The ComposeFadingEdges comes with multiple Modifiers: Modifier.horizontalFadingEdges(...) , Modifier.verticalFadingEdges(...), etc.

For more technical and detailed documentation, read the library KDoc.

Fading Edges Modifiers

The fading edges Modifiers are available for different content orientation and type.

Param Description
orientation The fading edges orientation: Horizontal or Vertical.
gravity The fading edges gravity: All, Start, or End.
length The fading edges length.
contentType The FadingEdgesContentType.
fillType The FadingEdgesFillType.

In case, contentType is not provided, the FadingEdgesContentType equals to Static.

The ComposeFadingEdges also provides fading edges for text marquee.


The FadingEdgesContentType can be Static, Scroll or LazyList.

The Scroll/LazyList content type require ScrollState/LazyListState and FadingEdgesScrollConfig.


The FadingEdgesScrollConfig can be Dynamic, Full or Static.

All of them can configure fading edges scroll based offset animationSpec.

The Dynamic configuration comes with additional params:

Param Description
isLerpByDifferenceForPartialContent Determines whether the fading edges should interpolate their scroll offset length for partial content.
scrollFactor The fading edges scroll factor.


The FadingEdgesFillType can be FadeClip or FadeColor.

The fading edges fill gradient is automatically faded from max alpha to min alpha.

All of them can configure fading edges fill gradient fillStops and secondStopAlpha.

The FadeClip type clips the content with the fading edges fill gradient.

The FadeColor type requires a color param and draws the fading edges fill gradient over the content.


The utility Modifier to add fading edges to the text marquee (custom or default basicMarquee).

This Modifier comes with common fading edges params and a few additional params:

Param Description
isMarqueeAutoLayout Determines whether the horizontalFadingEdges(...) and text marquee should be automatically aligned during the layout process to accommodate additional text paddings required for proper fading edges drawing.
marqueeProvider The custom or default basicMarquee provider.


MIT License. See the LICENSE file for more details.


Special thanks to the GoDaddy for the amazing color picker library.

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Basil Miller [email protected]


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