This is a kotlin script that has some handy utilities that I like to use in most of my kotlin shell scripts. While I would typically just put this in a local shell script and @file:Import it directly into my working script, Intellij doesn’t play nice yet with this strategy. See KTIJ-16352 (and please upvote it while you’re there).

You can however include scripts from a repo using @file:DependsOn directive and Intellij is ok with that. So I add common functions in shell.main.kts and include it in my scripts.

I aim to keep this super minimal and if Jetbrains ever gets to fixing KTIJ-16352, will happily include the info here and deprecate this repo. Until then, enjoy!



There’s really just one important command:

"command to be run in cli".runInShell()

runInShell takes two optional parameters:

  1. verbose: Boolean – print the command being executed
  2. exitOnError: Boolean – if a non 0 exit code is encountered, should we terminate the program?

I’ve also included a common set of colors you might need to prettify your output:

const val ANSI_RESET = "\u001B[0m"   // reset to default terminal color (and not clobber)

const val ANSI_GRAY = "\u001B[90m"   // use this mostly
const val ANSI_PURPLE = "\u001B[35m" // input commands
const val ANSI_GREEN = "\u001B[32m"  // highlighting values
const val ANSI_RED = "\u001B[31m"    // error
const val ANSI_YELLOW = "\u001B[33m" // important messages

const val ANSI_BLUE = "\u001B[34m"
const val ANSI_CYAN = "\u001B[36m"
const val ANSI_WHITE = "\u001B[37m"


# in your xxx.main.kts script



"ls -altr".runInShell()

Here’s a sample .main.kts script:


Here’s the output:




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