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simple tool to select a random anime from a user’s MAL list


  • MAL API client id
  • said client id is placed in a json file located at ${HOME}\anime-cli\mal-secret.json
  • probably need java if wanting to make your own build, if on Windows there is a provided exe file in .\windows-native-image-exe

Usage (gradle, jar, and build\scripts)

  • gradle: .\gradlew run
  • jar
    • .\gradlew clean build
    • java -jar build\libs\anime-cli-1.0.SNAPSHOT-all.jar
  • scripts:
    • .\gradlew clean build
    • build\install\anime-cli\bin\anime-cli or build\install\anime-cli\bin\anime-cli.bat
  • inputs
    • -u --user-name Defaults to value of user_name in ${HOME}\anime-cli\mal-secret.json
    • -l --list-status [completed|plan_to_watch|watching|on_hold|dropped] list to select from
    • -h --help show the help info

Building a native image using GraalVM

  • Pre req:
  • After all the pre-req, I had a hard time finding what exactly would work, what commands to run with what parameters, etc. The exact process character for character that I did is as follows:
    • Open CMD as administrator, run the necessary VS code script: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio\2019\BuildTools\VC\Auxiliary\Build\vcvars64.bat"
      • replace path with wherever your bat file is located
    • Starting in project root:
      • .\gradlew clean build
      • cd build\libs
      • mkdir META-INF\native-image
      • java -agentlib:native-image-agent=config-output-dir=META-INF\native-image -jar anime-cli-1.0-SNAPSHOT-all.jar
      • native-image --no-fallback --report-unsupported-elements-at-runtime -H:ConfigurationFileDirectories=META-INF\native-image -jar anime-cli-1.0-SNAPSHOT-all.jar anime --enable-url-protocols=https --no-server
        • Specifying the config directory META-INF\native-image was crucial for me, I saw some examples online stating META-INF\native-image was automatically seen/pulled in when using native-image, but it didn’t work for me. Likely user error ?
      • run the cli! anime
    • After this process, .\build\libs\anime.exe should be present, from here I just copied it out as this build folder is constantly overwritten by gradle
    • I may potentially write a script to automate this whole process, would be fairly specific to this application as I have several flags I am using for the native-image calls and what not already wrote one
    • tl;dr for Windows
      • open cmd as admin
      • run VS code script
      • run build-native-image-windows.bat
      • if all goes well, exe file present in .\native-image-result


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