Chat App MVVM + Clean Architecture CodeFactor

This Android application built using MVVM + Clean Architecture architecture approach and is written 100% in Kotlin.
App uses FireBaseRealTime Database

Architecture behind the app:

Presentation Layer : UI (Activity,Fragment) and ViewModel
Domain Layer : UseCases and Abstract repository interface
DI : All the dependency management
Data : RealTime database reference DTO and Repository Implementation
Common : Resource Class

1.)Used Libraries and Architecture


 Registration : User can enter mobile and name to register then will navigate to login page

 Login : Already joined just need to enter mobile number and log in


 Friends : List Of contacts who already joined


 Chat Room : Click item and navigate to chat room and start chatting


3.)Check List

  • Ui Implementation – Done
  • SOLID implementation – Done MVVM with Clean Architecture
  • Latest Android Studio – Done Android Studio Arctic Fox |2020.3.1
  • Development History – I guess will be able to us local history
  • Unit Test – No unit tests or integration tests


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