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CalendarView in Material Design for Android

CalendarView in Material Design for Android


This library provides a Material Design CalendarView for Android (week view; more coming soon!). The default style is copied from the Google Calendar app, but almost everything is customizable.

Screenshot of the [example app][example] Zoomed in
screenshot screenshot-zoom


  1. Import the library
implementation 'com.jonaswanke.calendar:calendar:0.0.2'
  1. Add CalendarView in you layout
    android:layout_height="match_parent" />
  1. Provide events to the view
calendar.eventRequestCallback = { week ->
    // retrieve events synchronously or asynchronously
    launch(UI) {
        val events: List<Event> = // ...
        calendar.setEventsForWeek(week, events)

You can call CalendarView.setEventsForWeek() anytime you want. The events will be cached and used when required. Old events for that week are overridden.

  1. Add your listeners