Business App Sample Application

This is an open-source project to display how you can create your own custom Business App application within a few minutes. I have already created an Business App click to see Sample AppUi on your browser.

You can also download and install the demo application.

Clone this repository and import it into Android Studio

git clone

First of all, we need X-API-KEY.

You can find your X-API-KEY on your CDP Dashboard and create a Connection to get your API_KEY.

Now you just need one more key: The appUI address code. Copy the code at the end of the URL. For instance in this URL the appUI address code is fDZRGCu8wLSsc5d.

Copy these two keys and paste them in the api.propertise.txt file inside your android project:

Now Define build configuration fields in the Gradle file. These constants will be accessible at runtime as static fields of the BuildConfig class:

Your Application is almost ready.

You just need some customization like colors, app name, etc. If you are new to android you can use following steps to customize your project:


Find the feature/home module. under ui folder you can see theme folder It contains the following classes.

Color.kt – for custom colors

Shape.kt – for custom shapes

Type.kt – for custom typography

Theme.kt – for custom themes

You can define your own Colors and Fonts, Material theme function inside Theme file update the entire app theme:

MaterialTheme( colors = …, typography = …, shapes = … )

Application id

The last item you need to change to have your own application is the package name and application id, follow the images to rename the ids:

We are done, our Business App is ready ? Run the project and test the application.


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