BirthDay Greeting APP – kotlin

A heart-melting birthday wishing app that send an emotional message to our beloved one. It’s eye-candy UI makes it catchy and sleek video playback makes it even more attractive for children.

Tech Used

Android Studio, Kotlin, VS code, GitHub


Here you can find the preview of the app. Please turn on the sound of the video.


![App Screenshot](Screenshot 2022-05-29 at 11 59 19 AM)

Lessons Learned

Learned how to use intent, toast, videoView, textView, Relative Layout.

Firstly the position of the textView was changing in different phone screens. Then I changed the Gravity to “center”. Then the bug got resolved.

? About Me

I am a AI and Machine Learning Enthusiast & growing Android Developer (kotlin). Both the fields, Machine Learning and Android Development, fascinates me a lot. And I also have worked on Azure Cloud Computing platform to deploy machine learning models.

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