Banking UI App with Jetpack Compose

Overview: This Android app is a banking UI built using Jetpack Compose, with a focus on providing an intuitive and visually appealing user interface. The app is designed to showcase the power and flexibility of Jetpack Compose for creating modern Android UIs.


Light Mode Screenshot Dark Mode Screenshot

Features: Modern UI: The app features a clean and modern user interface, providing a seamless and enjoyable banking experience. Dark Mode Support: Enjoy a comfortable banking experience in both light and dark modes, adapting to your device's settings. Future Work: The app is an ongoing project, with future updates planned to implement additional features and further enhance the UI.

Getting Started: Prerequisites: Android Studio

Installation: Clone the repository: git clone Open the project in Android Studio. Build and run the app on an Android emulator or device.

CI/CD Workflow: This project includes a CI/CD workflow using GitHub Actions. The workflow is triggered when:

  • A pull request is opened or updated for the master branch.
  • A push is made directly to the master branch.

The workflow automates the release of artifacts, in this case, the APK file for Android. With each push to the repository or pull request to the master branch, the workflow triggers the necessary steps to build and release the latest version of the app.

Dark Mode Toggle: To toggle between light and dark modes, use the system-wide dark mode setting on your device.

Future Work Implement additional banking features. Continuously improve and optimize the UI for a better user experience. Address user feedback and bug reports.

Feel free to provide feedback and suggestions for further improvements!

Inspired from Ahmed_Guedmioui

Note: This README will be updated as the app evolves, so stay tuned for more exciting features and enhancements.


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