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DVCA (Digital Video Companion App) is an unofficial Android app for DJI’s Digital FPV System. Plug your Android device into your Goggles and watch a live feed on your Android device.


  • Supports DJI Goggles v1&v2 ?
  • Multiplayer support ?‍?‍?
    • Up to 2 goggles in horizontal or landscape mode
  • DVR ?
    • While app is in foreground or background
    • Supports multiplayer mode
  • VR Mode ?️



Want to chat? There is a discord server here. Be nice. No is getting paid to do any of this, we all just like FPV (you can send me a ☕ though ?).

If this app doesn’t tickle your fancy, maybe this one does.

Shout out to:

  • @fpv-wtf who jump started everything by finding the magic USB sauce
  • @jlucidar who created the first app for all of this
  • D3VL who founded the community around fpv-out



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