eCost for Android ?

Application to help electric or hybrid car drivers to know if the price per kilowatt is worth it. When traveling or commuting you usually find charging stations with prices that may differ even free but others extremely expensive. With this application you can determine if the kWh price is worth it in comparison with diesel or gasoline.

Features ?

  • Easy to see if the price is ok
  • Can compare with diesel and gasoline prices
  • Keep track of your recharges

Screenshots ?


Technical features ?

  • Project created using Kotlin as programming language.
  • The views are made with Compose.
  • Room and Datastore are used for persistence.
  • Hilts as dependency injection.

License ?

eCost is distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License. See the license for more information.

Author ??‍♂️

Juan Carlos Carrillo Gomez


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