This project is aimed at adding annotations to remove the boilerplate code required when creating a STS mod.

Figure out how to create dependencies and host them on GitHub packages, so it is easier to use this.

This is currently setup with gradle and using my project sts-dependencies for generating dependencies used in these gradle files. You would have to pull that and build it to your maven local repository to build this project. Once that is done, and you run gradle sync it should generate a file called stsdependencies.config that needs 1 line of text that is the path to your installation of Steam.

Note: None of this has been tested yet

  1. @CardString for auto generating the card strings file. Example:

    import com.github.kobting.annotations.CardString
    @CardString(prefix = PREFIX, name = "cardOne", description = "This is card One!", language = Language.ENGLISH)
    @CardString(prefix = PREFIX, name = "cardOne", description = "This is card One! Spanish", language = Language.SPANISH)
    class Card()
  2. @RelicString for auto generating the relic strings file. Example:

    import com.github.kobting.annotations.RelicString
    @RelicString(prefix = PREFIX, name = "relicOne", flavor = "relic One flavor.", descriptions = ["This is relic One!", "Description Two"], language = Language.ENGLISH)
    @RelicString(prefix = PREFIX, name = "relicOne", flavor = "relic One flavor. Spanish", descriptions = ["This is relic One! Spanish"], language = Language.SPANISH)
    class Relic()
  3. @PowerString for auto generating the power strings file Example:

    import com.github.kobting.annotations.PowerString
    @PowerString(prefix = PREFIX, name = "powerOne", descriptions = ["This is power One!"], language = Language.ENGLISH)
    @PowerString(prefix = PREFIX, name = "powerOne", descriptions = ["This is power One! Spanish"], language = Language.SPANISH)
    class Power1()
  4. @AutoSpireInitializer for generating a class that implements basemod subscribers. Currently only supports EditStringsSubscriber when there exists classes annotated with one of the String annotations. Example:

    import com.evacipated.cardcrawl.modthespire.lib.SpireInitializer
    import com.github.kobting.annotations.AutoSpireInitializer
    @SpireInitializer //Required or @AutoSpireInitializer will not work
    class TestInitializer : AutoInitialize() {
        //The generated clas AutoInitialize has all the code for loading the string files based on the games current set language.



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