Android + Kotlin Project for the 2022 edition of the Open Source Contribution competition, JGEC Winter of Code aka JWoC.

dart Project Objective

We would be building an app to display random quotes fetched using my own quotescraper API from scratch via this project, block by block and with additional cool features.

This project is aimed to get the mentees accustomed with the ins and outs of basic Android development.

The major focus here would be

  • iphone Good UI/UX: Focusing over Functionality and Form alike.
  • gear Activity handling: Exploring more about the core of android apps, activities.
  • globe_with_meridians API integration: Learning how to utilise an internet hosted data source, such as an API, and extract the required information to put to use in the app.

no_entry Issues

Please head over to this link or click on the issues section above.

The issues are tailored around the aforementioned objectives for now, and are suited for beginners in the world of android development and first-time contributors, as well as experienced android developers alike.

As the project progresses we would be tackling better and more difficult problems along the way. ??

space_invader Tech Stack

Our tech stack is gonna be Android Studio, and Kotlin.

Yep, basic Git skills are a must too ??‍♂️

question How to contribute?

  • The issues are to be solved only by JGEC Winter of Code participants. PRs of non-participants AND ones going against the event criteria won't be entertained.
  • Any PRs made before 1st February 2022 are INVALID.
  • Select an issue and request for working on the same.
  • Issues would be assigned on a first-come-first-serve basis (or a queue structure for people who have studied some DSA). After the issues have been assigned,
  • Fork the repository to your GitHub account. (Use the fork button at the top of the page!)
  • Clone the repository onto your local system by using the instructions given below.
  • Make the requisite changes and then Create a Pull Request.
  • In the PR message, please explain shortly what changes you made and why. Also include screenshots of the working app.

Getting Started

These instructions will get you a copy of the project up and running on your local machine for development, playing and testing purposes. Or whatever you wanna do ;_;


You should have:

  1. Git CLI
  2. Either Android Studio installed on your system, or
  3. An Android Device running Android version 5.0 or above, or
  4. both.


  • Method 1: Use this repo itself by clicking here.
You can download the ZIP directly from the above link or from the "Clone or Download" link on the repository's home page
  • Method 2: Use Git bash by typing the below command in your terminal. If you don't have git installed, you can get it from here.
git clone https://github.com/Ly0kami/QuotesApp-JWoC

Running the Project

  • If you chose method 1, you can directly open the project as a ZIP or import it from its gradle settings using Android Studio.
File -> New -> Import Project -> Locate the ZIP and run
  • If you chose method 2,
Android Studio -> New -> Import Project -> Create Project from Gradle -> Locate the git repo directory and click on the name.
  • Just install the APK, duh.


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