Project for Postman API Fest 22

Team Moon (2)

Team Moon

With only two members on the board, we were able to achieve to make a full-stack project within 2 days. We have completely deployed our backend and on the frontend side, we build an Android App.

Team Moon API

Team Moon API (CRUD) is made using Express and MongoDB and fully deployed on Deta. It is used for taking notes. we can do operations like Reading, Writing, Deleting, and Editing the data.

Team Members


Endpoint URL: Shared in the form


/todos: Get the info of all the todos [GET route]

/todo/:todoID: Get the info about a single todo [GET route]

/create: Create a new todo [POST route]

/delete/:todoID: Delete a pre-existing todo [DELETE route]

/update/:todoID: Update a pre-existing todo [PUT route]

The todoID is been generated when you create a new todo


Our Backend is fully functional and deployed on a server. The tech stacks we used:

  • NodeJS – Runtime environment
  • Express – Framework used to build the API
  • MongoDB – No SQL database which is used for the storing the todo
  • Mongoose – Library which is used to interact with the MongoDB database
  • Deta – Platform where the API is been hosted

Frontend (To-do App)

On the frontend side, we developed an Android App to make it more usable, even for a person who has Zero code knowledge. Tech Stacks we used:

  • Kotlin – Kotlin is a modern statically typed programming language used by over 60% of professional Android.

Demo Video



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