Android library to facilitate files picking up process and ability to convert them to request bodies.

The goal of this app is to get rid of the hassle of file picking up handling and reduce effort made in uploading them to server without the need to ask use for a single permission.


  • Launch different file types picking intents/requests (Image, Pdf and File for general).
  • Get a callback with bitmap in case of image alongside with file object.
  • Get a callback with a fileName incase of Pdf & File alongside with file object.
  • Convert picked up files to request bodies to usethem with api requests to upload them to server,.
  • Not a single permission is required.

Dependency :

dependencies {
      implementation 'com.github.atwa:filepicker:1.0.0'

Usage :

  • Image picking

    fun pickImage() {
          FilePicker.getInstance().pickImage(this) { result ->
              val bitmap : Bitmap? = result?.first
              val file : File? = result?.second
  • Pdf picking

    fun pickPdf() {
          FilePicker.getInstance().pickPdf(this) { result ->
              val name: String? = result?.first
              val file: File? = result?.second
  • File picking

    fun pickFile() {
          FilePicker.getInstance().pickFile(this) { result ->
              val name : String? = result?.first
              val file : File? = result?.second
  • File converting to request body

    fun convertFile() {
          val file: File = File("file")
          val requestBody: RequestBody = FileConverter.getInstance()
              .toRequestBody(FileConverter.getInstance().fileMediaType, file)


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