battleships ⚓

Battleship game in Android.

The demo of the application can be found here.


This is a simple battleship game for Android. The game is multiplayer and each player plays on a different device.

For more information about the application, see the documentation.

Some information about the application:

  • The game is available in three languages: English, Portuguese and Spanish;
  • You need to be logged in to play the game.

The application has the following features:

  • Login and Registration
  • Ranking of players
  • Quick Game
  • Custom Game

Here are some screenshots of the application screens:

user-home gameplay-menu create-game

board-setup gameplay-myboard gameplay

The application is implemented using Android with Kotlin. It is a client-server application, where the server is implemented in Kotlin using the Spring framework.


Professor: Eng. Paulo Pereira

@ISEL Bachelor in Computer Science and Computer Engineering Mobile Devices Programming – LEIC51D – Group 13 Winter Semester of 2022/2023


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