Carkir App

Android application that can display information about parking slot information and the exact location of the available parking space


What if we want to park the car, say at the mall. We don’t have much time, and there are apps that can provide information about the parking slots in the place. So you no longer need to look for a parking space, just look at your smartphone and then instantly know where your parking destination is. That’s our app and how it works.


programming languages and libraries or other tools that we used as follows:

  • Android Studio
  • Kotlin V1.6.20
  • Android libraries: Splashscreen, Navigation, Livedata & Viewmodel, Room, Datastore,
  • Third-party libraries: Glide, Retrofit, OkHttp

UI/UX Design: Carkir-Design


Get Started

  1. Download or clone this project
  2. Open project in Android Studio
  3. Run and test the apps

Update features

Comming soon to be announced


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