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Android app to find electric vehicle charging stations.

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  • Material Design
  • Shows all charging stations from the community-maintained GoingElectric.de and Open Charge Map directories
  • Realtime availability information (only in Europe)
  • Search for places
  • Advanced filtering options, including saved filter profiles
  • Favorites list, also with availability information
  • Integrated price comparison using Chargeprice.app (only in Europe)
  • Android Auto & Android Automotive OS integration
  • No ads, fully open source
  • Compatible with Android 5.0 and above
  • Can use Google Maps or Mapbox (OpenStreetMap) as map backends – the version available on F-Droid only uses Mapbox.


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Development setup

The App is developed using Android Studio and should pretty much work out-of-the-box when you clone the Git repository and open the project with Android Studio.

The only exception is that you need to obtain some free API keys for the different data sources that EVMap uses and put them into the app in the form of a resource file called apikeys.xml under app/src/main/res/values. You can find more information on which API keys are necessary for which features and how they can be obtained in our documentation page.

There are three different build flavors, googleNormal, fossNormal and googleAutomotive.

  • The foss variant only uses Mapbox data and should run on most Android devices, even without Google Play Services.
  • The google variants also include access to Google Maps data.
    • googleNormal is intended to run on smartphones and tablets, and also includes the Android Auto app for use on the car display.
    • googleAutomotive variant is intended to be installed directly on car infotainment systems using the Google-flavored Android Automotive OS. It does not provide the usual smartphone UI.

We also have a special documentation page on how to test the Android Auto app.


You can use our Weblate page to help translate EVMap into new languages.

Translation status


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