Firefly III(Android)

An unofficial Android client for Firefly III, written in Kotlin.

This software is under heavy development and should be considered alpha quality as it might work in unexpected ways.

Other alternative include this software written by mconway using Ionic framework.

Icons in this app are taken from:

  1. Flaticon
  2. Material Design Icons


In order to start using this software, you have to create a new client in your Firefly Instance.

  1. Login to your Firefly instance
  2. Click on Options, then profile
  3. Scroll down to OAuth Clients section and click on Create New Client
  4. Use any name and ensure you are using http://empty as your redirect URL.
  5. Click save
  6. Copy the client secret that you have just created
  7. Paste it into the mobile app login screen under secret field
Ensure you use http://empty as your redirect URL Copy this Paste it on your Android device
firefly-web-oauth-dialog firefly-web-oauth-string firefly-mobile-oauth


Dashboard Piggy Bank Adding Piggy Bank Showing Piggy Bank Details
screenshot1 screenshot3 screenshot4 screenshot5
Transactions Bills
FireflyMobile screenshot6