? Alligitor

An alligator exploring github repositories

This sample Android app lets users browse trending “language” related repositories on Github. I created and maintaining this app to serve as a playground for me to get hands-on with all the cool new stuff and also to demonstrate my expertise on them to potential employers. ?

Built with ❤︎{} by YousufSohail

Left to right: Shimmer animation while loading, Trending repository listing, No internet connection view

? Built With

? Testing


  • Dark Mode refinement

? Backlog

  • Integration Testing
  • CI & CD (to Firebase & PlayStore)
  • Theming with compose
  • UI Testing with Espresso
  • BDD via Cucumber

? Future Roadmap

? Download Demo on Android

Download the APK file from here on your Android phone and enjoy the demo app ?

? Developed By

Yousuf Sohail

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