Customizable OkHttp Logging Interceptor

example workflow

An OkHttp interceptor which logs HTTP request and response data and allows output customization.
The implementation is based on the Logging Interceptor from OkHttp.

val loggingInterceptor = CustomizableHttpLoggingInterceptor(
    logHeaders = true,
    logBody = true,
    maxBodyLength = 1000L
val client = OkHttpClient.Builder()

To log to a custom location, pass a Logger instance to the constructor.

val loggingInterceptor = CustomizableHttpLoggingInterceptor(
    logger = { message -> Timber.tag("OkHttp").d(message) }

Warning: The logs generated by this interceptor when using the HEADERS or BODY levels have
the potential to leak sensitive information such as “Authorization” or “Cookie” headers and the
contents of request and response bodies. This data should only be logged in a controlled way or in
a non-production environment.

You can redact headers that may contain sensitive information by calling redactHeader().



Add JitPack to the repository list:

allprojects {
  repositories {

    maven { url '' }



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