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An e-book reader for Android devices

An e-book reader for Android devices


Librera Reader is an e-book reader for Android devices; it supports the following formats: PDF, EPUB, MOBI, DjVu, FB2, TXT, RTF, AZW, AZW3, HTML, CBZ, CBR, and OPDS Catalogs

Android Play market apps:


Librera PRO

Arhive .apk

Beta(latest) .apk

Application fonts (fonts.zip download to internal sd card, to [Downloads] folder)


Required build libs

mesa-common-dev libxcursor-dev libxrandr-dev libxinerama-dev libglu1-mesa-dev libxi-dev pkg-config

Build Librera with MuPdf 1.11 (Default)

cd Builder
./link_to_mupdf_1.11.sh (Change the paths to mupdf and jniLibs folders)
./gradlew assembleLibrera

Build Librera with MuPdf 1.16.1 (Optional)

cd Builder
./gradlew assembleAlpha

Librera depends on

MuPDF - (AGPL License) https://mupdf.com/downloads/archive/

  • EbookDroid
  • djvulibre
  • hpx
  • junrar
  • Universal Image Loader
  • libmobi
  • commons-compress
  • eventbus
  • greendao
  • jsoup
  • juniversalchardet
  • commons-compress
  • okhttp3
  • okhttp-digest
  • okio
  • rtfparserkit
  • java-mammoth

Librera is distributed under the GPL