Attendance App

An attendance taking app. It is similar to the traditional and old way of taking attendance by making blank sheets transformed into an android app with a more elegant features

Live video demo of the current state of the project here

General Information

  • It’s regrettable in our today’s world(driven by Technology) that many organizations like schools, and companies especially in West African countries still uses the manual way of taking daily attendance: The secretary creates a blank paper sheet where every staff needs to start writing their names and the time they arrive. This method is very cumbersome, time-wasting and not efficient for any further evaluation.
  • The purpose of this project is to transform the old/manual way of taking attendance into a digital one with a more elegant and efficient features

Technologies Used


  • The admin can create attendance for each day(similar to creating a blank sheet) and the staff would just go and start sending in their names. No need for writing the time the attendance was taking because it would be captured immediately.
  • The admin can see a list of the attendance for each day from the admin screen.


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Project Status

Project is: in progress

Room for Improvement

A more elegant feature to be included:

  • To make the attendance location-based. Staff would only be able to take attendance if they are within the specified location.
  • A facial scan of each staff to prevent impersonation.
  • The admin should be able to export the list of each day’s attendance into excel or other formats for further evaluation.
  • The Staff should be able to install the application on their devices. Authentication and authorization are required.


  • Many thanks to one of my 10 year old student, Farouk Ndakpayi. He came up with this idea for his school and I loved it. So, we decided to create the app together within just few days. I did the coding and he was suggesting what and what to do/include. He will be like, ‘Sir, let’s include this and that. How about we do it this way or that way’.


Created by ebenezergana – feel free to contact me!


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