An application to create custom QR codes to specify waste types and waste disposal procedures for products.

What is WasteQR?

WasteQR is an application to create custom QR codes to specify waste type and waste disposal procedures for products. Businesses can use the WasteQR application to create WasteQR codes to add to their product packaging, which can be scanned by end users when disposing of the product. WasteQR allows both businesses and consumers to reduce their environmental footprint.

Why WasteQR?

Of the 8.3 billion metric tons of trash that has been produced, 6.3 billion metric tons has become plastic waste. Only 9% of this trash has been correctly disposed of, often due to a lack of consumer knowledge: many times, we find ourselves wondering which disposal bin we should place a certain piece of trash in. Improper waste disposal has caused significant harm to marine environments and wildlife.

WasteQR seeks to mitigate this issue by bridging the gap in user knowledge.

The WasteQR can be used by businesses looking to mitigate their environmental effects of packaging and products post-sale. Businesses can use WasteQR codes on packaging to instruct users on how to correctly dispose of their products and packaging.

When unsure of the waste type of a specific item and the proper disposal method, users can scan the WasteQR code on the packaging. WasteQR will notify the user of the waste type as well as extra disposal notes (e.g., a “Corrosive!” warning), enabling the user to dispose of their item in an environmentally-friendly manner. In this way, WasteQR supports conscious consumerism.

For instructions, please view the user manual.


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