An application that presents images and details from NASA’s rover API and allows filtering.

In-App screenshots

Used Technologies

Android: Clean Architecture, MVVM, Hilt Dagger, Retrofit

Run it

Clone the project

  git clone

Open in Android Studio and run.

Desired features of the project

  • Technologies that we want to be made mandatory in the projects and that we expect you to use:

      - API
      Example URL
      If you have a problem with DEMOKEY, you can create your own key by registering from the link.
      The above api returns images taken by rover vehicles sent by NASA;
      [✅] You can show the pictures in a CollectionView with pagination thanks to the API. (will be infinite scroll)
      [✅] There should be 3 tabs in one tabbar. Each Tab also includes Curiosity, Opportunity, Spirit tools. There must be photos of one of them.
      [✅] Filtering by camera by filtering with the filter button on the top right for each vehicle should be done.
      [✅] When one of the pictures is touched, a pop-up opens and if the picture is on the top in the pop-up, it is taken. 
      date, vehicle name, from which camera, vehicle mission status, vehicle launch date and landing dateinformation should be included.
  • Plus:

      [✅] Following any architectural design is a plus. (mvc, mvp, mvvm, viper, clean arc,...)
      [✅] It is a plus to use tools such as LiveData/ ViewModel, Flow, RxJava, Coroutines from Arch Components for async operations.
      [✅] The use of dependency injection will be considered as a plus.
      [✅] Source code must be deployed to a public repo. (GitHub, bitbucket, ...)
      [✅] Using up-to-date, preferred and open source libraries is a plus.
      [❌] Unit test writing will be considered a plus.

Support and Feedback

If you want to give any feedback, please contact me at [email protected] or Twitter.


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