PiPup is an application that allows displaying user-defined custom notifications on Android TV.

The most common use-case for this application is for sending notifications, from a home-automation solution, to your Android TV.

Some example scenarios:

  • Show a snapshot of your camera on your TV (eg on a motion trigger)
  • Display a notification with the video of your camera when someone is at your door
  • Send a notification when your dryer/washingmachine is ready
  • Anything else you might find useful

The application is currently in a public beta

To enter the beta and install the application on your device go to: https://play.google.com/apps/testing/nl.rogro82.pipup

Important: after installation / updating it is currently adviced to restart your TV and open the application once to make sure the background-service is running


On Android TV (8.0+), when sideloading, you will need to set the permission for SYSTEM_ALERT_WINDOW manually (using adb) as there is no interface on Android TV to do this.

To give the application the required permission to draw overlays you will need to run:

adb shell appops set nl.rogro82.pipup SYSTEM_ALERT_WINDOW allow


PiPup uses an embedded webserver (NanoHTTPD) which runs on port 7979.

Sending notifications

To send notifications with an external media resource (image, url or webview) use application/json

Property Value
Path: /notify
Method: POST
Content-Type: application/json

Example json data:

  "duration": 30,
  "position": 0,
  "title": "Your awesome title",
  "titleColor": "#0066cc",
  "titleSize": 20,
  "message": "What ever you want to say... do it here...",
  "messageColor": "#000000",
  "messageSize": 14,
  "backgroundColor": "#ffffff",
  "media": { "image": {
    "uri": "https://mir-s3-cdn-cf.behance.net/project_modules/max_1200/cfcc3137009463.5731d08bd66a1.png", "width": 480

All fields are optional and for media you can specify 3 types:

{ "image": { "uri": "address_to_your_image", "width": 480 }}
{ "video": { "uri": "address_to_your_video", "width": 480 }}
{ "web":   { "uri": "address_to_your_resource", "width": 640, "height": 480 }}

To send notifications with an image file use multipart/form-data

Property Value
Path: /notify
Method: POST
Content-Type: multipart/form-data


Field Type
duration Integer (default=30)
position Integer (0..4, default=0)
title String
titleSize Integer (default=16)
titleColor string (default=#FFFFFF, format=[AA]RRGGBB
message String
messageSize Integer (default=12)
messageColor String (default=#FFFFFF, format=[AA]RRGGBB
backgroundColor String (default=#CC000000, format=[AA]RRGGBB
image File
imageWidth Integer (default=480)

position is an enum ranging from 0 to 4

0 TopRight
1 TopLeft
2 BottomRight
3 BottomLeft
4 Center

Color-properties are in [AA]RRGGBB where the alpha channel is optional e.g. #FFFFFF or #CCFFFFFF


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