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General Information

An application that I am following through a Udemy course. The application, as its name mentions, is an electronic store in which there is a user section and a supplier section. The user can choose various products presented in a recyclerView. Once your list is finalized, you can proceed to payment through two methods: PayPal and Mercado Libre payment. As the e-shop is a food store, a delivery person delivers the order. The user can observe, through Google Maps, the real-time location of the delivery person. In addition, the business administrator will be able to see the sales and orders that his restaurant has been having.

Technologies Used

  • Android – version beta

Features & Topics

  • Integrating a Kotlin App with Node.js backend
  • User login and registration with JSON WEB TOKENS
  • Real-time data management with SOCKET IO
  • Push Notifications with Firebase Cloud Messaging
  • Save images to the cloud
  • Integration with Google Maps API
  • HTTP requests with Retrofit
  • Create a REST API with Node.js
  • Simple and complex SQL queries
  • MVC
  • Payment processing with Mercado Pago
  • Payment processing with PayPal
  • Camera management
  • Deploy with Heroku

Project Status

Project is: in progress

As I mentioned before, it is a project that right now I am replicating from a course in order to have experience and be able to do more complex personal projects. So far, I have only developed 20%, which is the registration and authentication of users through the mobile application via the API Rest in Node.js. There are still many things to add, but with time I will implement them.


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