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After create an account at Movie DB API, you will have a token to access the API.

You should specify the token in your file.



Architecture and Stack Overview



  • This layer provides an interface used as a repository. It provides a single abstraction to interact with differents Data Sources.

Repository -> Mappers

  • They are used to convert the data objects to entity objects recognized by the domain layer.


  • The APP fetches data from the Movie DB API. There is a code infrastructure using Retrofit where it is possible to keep this communication between the app and the server.

Repository -> Local Data Base

  • The user can select their favorite movies and store them on a local database. There is a code layer using the Room library to keep easy the communication between the app and the Data Base.

Repository -> Local preferences

  • The user can also define which is the application theme. Currently, the app supports night mode, light mode, and automatic (defined by Android OS).

Use Cases

  • This layer is the way used by ViewModels to access the repository.


  • Contains all elements required to build the user interface.

UI -> screens

  • Each package inside of screens represents a screen.

  • A screen is defined by a Composable function that represents the screen itself, a ViewModel related, and a data holder object which represents the UI state for that screen.

UI -> common

  • Composable widgets, navigation graph definition, and others.


  • The core layer starts the Dependency injection engine, the network setup, and the database configuration.

Tech Stack Summary

  • Compose, Dagger Hilt, Coroutines, Retrofit, Room, Mockk.


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