News-App ?

Overview :

Kotlin-based Android news app helps users stay up-to-date on the latest headlines.

Features :

  • Display News in various categories
  • Dark mode
  • Share news with friends
  • Browse news
  • Bookmark news to read later/ Delete news
  • Listen news with provided Text-To-Speech service

Screenshots :

News home Read News saved
News home read News saved news

Tools and Tech stack used :

  • Kotlin
  • XML
  • MVVM Architecture
  • Room database library
  • Android Studio
  • Third party libraries like retrofit, picasso, shimmer.

Getting Started :

Note: To run the app you have to add key. This API has limited access to daily request for News.

  • Generate API key from News api

  • Paste the key in ‘’ (Create the file if not exists)


  • Rebuild app

Application link : Click here to download apk


  • Contributions are always welcome!

  • See for ways to get started.

? License

Copyright (c) 2023 Jasmeet Sethi

This project is MIT licensed.


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