Foldable Layout

This code is a showcase of a foldable animation I created for Worldline. The code is fully written with java APIs from the Android SDK, without the use of any external library. This code is a demo and not a library. The foldable layout is a layout (strictly a RelativeLayout), which can have two child layouts, one for the cover, and one for the details. The foldable layout takes care of the folding animation between those two layouts.

In the demo the foldable layout is used in a RecyclerView, to show that it can manage well its size even during animation.


Under the hood

Work in progress.

Is a library available ?

The library is available as is. No support guarantied. This is more a showcase, and if you want to use it, I greatly recommend you to understand the code from the foldablelayout and adapt it
to your usage.

  • Ensure you can pull artifacts from Maven Central :

    repositories {
  • And add to your module gradle file :

    dependencies {
      compile '[email protected]'